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​​Kecia Johnson is an Author, HIV/AIDS Educator,  and EMPOWERMENT MAVEN that travels the country sharing her story with the masses. With over 9 years of HIV/AIDS activism works, Kecia is most known for her direct and POWERFUL way of educating those on the epidemic of the virus. After starting in the music industry at the age of 19, almost 3 years into finding her way amongst her career, Kecia  found herself diagnosed with AIDS at near death with only (2) t cells at the age of 22.

After over 13 years of work within the music industry doing talent management, Kecia felt it was important to not take on the feeling that life was over, but that it had just began for her to help heal the lives of others.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but spending most of her life in Houston, TX with a very professional upbringing, Kecia knew with the cloth that she was cut from it was important for her to tell her story in the most unique way possible. The goal of being innovative in her way of healing, was so that listeners would not make some of the same mistakes she made.  She  re-released her highly anticipated memoir, Dying to Be D.I.V.A, in early 2016, which chronicles her story as a young woman who lost her way despite her blueprint.  Kecia has also created a memoir series from her life story which will release 3 books within the year of 2016 to of 2017 give readers a true inside of the story of Kecia J. 

Now after living a healthy and undetectable life, aside from being an author, Kecia has taken the entertainment world by storm by having social media campaigns such as “One Million Shares & One Million Voices”, that caught the attention of the likes of Vh1's Shekinah Joe, Tamika “Tiny”Harris,  R&B group 112 member Michael Keith and many more! On January 23, 2017, Kecia shocked many when it was announced that she is one of the new faces of Walgreen's new campaign, "Lets Grow Old Together", and HIV/AIDS initiative! She also recently teamed up with Ke Ke Palmer on her Snapchat platform "LoveIsTheGag", which used the popular social media entity to help educate and raise awareness on the importance of SELFLOVE!  In March of 2017, the city of Houston and the Mayor honored Kecia for her incredible work in the city on HIV/AIDS advocacy and March 18th is officially proclaimed "Kecia Johnson Day" in the city! 

Kecia states, “I tripped and fell into the music business and from falling I found my passion and through my pain, I finally established my purpose”. While being featured on the cover of POZ magazine, Kecia began to see the world embracing her in a way she never thought possible. From that cover feature she was then called in by Upscale, Women & Shoes, Stacks Magazine, and Heart & Soul, just to name a few as a highlighted feature for her activism works.

 Kecia has taken on the role of being a full-time EMPOWERMENT MAVEN! Her priority is to educate on the importance of selfloveall while raising HIV/AIDS awareness through using innovative ways and incorporating entertainment avenues. She is now giving back in a huge way with launching Kecia Kares Mobile Unit that will be a mobile EMPOWERMENT mobile that  will go into high rish communities and offer a voice of healing and various resourceful tools to combat community needs. “I know and I want others to know that the disease is nothing like it use to be and everyone with the disease has been chosen and called for a higher purpose".